Oral Restrictions

‘Ankyloglossia’ is the medical term for tongue-tie. The frenulum under the tongue is called the lingual frenum. Tongue-tie is a condition where tongue movement is restricted due to a short lingual frenum. As the tongue is anchored to the floor of the mouth instead of up in the palate of the mouth this will lead to a number of issues.

Untreated tongue-tie can result in problems such as: Poor breastfeeding, difficulties swallowing and eating, speech impairments, jaw pain, cosmetic appearance- the tongue can form into a heart shape and insufficient facial development.

The Labial Frenum is the tissue that attaches the inside of your top lip to the gum, as well as the bottom lip to the bottom gum. When this piece of tissue is too thick or stiff it restricts the upper lip from moving freely, this is known as a lip-tie. A baby with a severe lip-tie may struggle with breastfeeding and this will stop them from getting the nourishment they require resulting in poor weight gain. Teeth alignment may also be negatively impacted due to a lip-tie, it is common for patients with a lip tie to have a gap in between their front teeth.

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