The connection between the mouth and body

The ability for an individual to sleep well, breathe well and grow to their full genetic potential is directly affected by the function of the tongue.


The mouth is the gateway to the body and the key to good health, a diseased mouth is a diseased body. Take care of your teeth, your mouth, and maintain a healthy nutritious diet. This will reflect in the health of our teeth which in turn translates to the health of the whole body.

The mouth is connected to the head and your head is connected to the rest of the body. Every tooth is fed oxygen and nutrients all day long and is composed of a very complex and extensive nerve, blood and lymphatic system. It has been proven that every tooth is intricately connected to the overall nervous system of the body, and indeed to every other organ.


 The whole jaw apparatus is connected to the cranial-sacral/spine system. Missing or misaligned teeth, prevent smooth and proper function of the jaw which will translate to dysfunction in a given area of the body. Teeth, to jaw, to cranium, to neck and spine. A single tooth out of alignment can create havoc in the whole structure manifesting in myofascial dysfunction i.e. pain!

Oral restrictions can effect far more than the mouth. Effects can be far reaching due to bodily compensations, and the fact that the tongue and lips are not muscles that act in isolation. Furthermore, at different stages of an individual’s life, different effects may take place.

An oral restriction such as tongue-tie or lip-tie will restrict the movement of the tongue and lips.

 As a child with an oral restriction grows they will find it challenging to suck, eat, swallow and talk as the tongue is not functioning correctly this will cause for poor oral posture and encourage incorrect muscle function.

Bad oral habits such as abnormal swallowing and mouth breathing will result in Malocclusion.  

The trigeminal nerve and vestibular nucleus are responsible for both the masticatory function of the jaw and balance control. This would explain why dental malocclusions negatively influence posture and balance. Abnormal craniofacial formation can lead to airway obstruction, impaired respiration, impaired nasal breathing, chronic mouth breathing, sleep apnoea, sleep disorders and lifelong ill-health.

The body will become stuck in a chronic state of stress due to poor quality sleep, chronic pain from poor posture, anxiety and fatigue will present due to incorrect breathing and poor sleep. This chronic state ultimately takes a big toll on our emotional, mental and social well-being. Hypoxemia is a condition that can develop due to low levels of oxygen throughout the body. It is common to experience chronic headaches and to feel out of breath. In severe cases, it can interfere with heart and brain function.

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